Our School

The classrooms are equipped with a wide range of educational games and toys appropriate for the  developmental needs of the class.

The school has a well stocked library housing a wealth of recently published children’s books and books on Jewish themes. Children receive a library book weekly to take home.

All our outdoor apparatus has been specially designed with the help of occupational therapists and physiotherapists. This is to ensure that children maximise their development while they have fun and play outdoors.

The school offers the services of both an occupational and speech therapist during school hours. Close communication with these therapists is hugely beneficial to the child.
iPads and Apple TV are used in the Grade R class  to enhance learning.

We have a magnificent Sensory Garden and resident bunnies. Our outdoor kitchen is a source of great imaginary and sensory play, all vitally important to your child’s development.

Extra curricula activities that take place during school hours include. Little Champs, Music and the Chalav U”dvash Hebrew Programme in the higher classes.

Weekly Language classes are conducted by a Speech Therapist.

After school hours extra murals include, Soccer , Tumbling Tigers , Karate and Musical Theatre. Early morning yoga classes are available to children twice a week for half an hour before the school day begins.

The school offers an enrichment programme twice a week from 12.30-2.00pm which includes lunch and an arts and craft or baking activity. Enrichment /After care days are available on demand.

You child is regularly monitored and assessed. Parent Teacher interviews are held twice a year and a full written report given at year end.

You will also receive a portfolio at the end of the year that includes, photos, worksheets, art work and special mementos gathered throughout the year. This is truly special.

Annual School photos.

Hearing and Eye Screenings .Shows and Special days!

A vibrant, enthusiastic PTA body ably raises money for new additions to the school grounds. Our parent teacher association is always keen for new and fresh ideas and welcomes all suggestions and help.

The  weekly newsletter, numerous social events and parent/teacher interviews make sure that you and your family become a significant, valued part of the school community.